Regular Prices

  • 60 min. Massage, $70
  • 90 min. Massage, $105
  • 60 min Hot Stone Massage, $80
  • 90 min. Hot Stone Massage, $115


  • 5 pack of 60 min Massages, $325 (averages to $65/session)
  • 3 pack of 90 min Massages, $294 (averages to $98/session)

Note; packages are intended to encourage regular self-care (not more than 45 days between massages). I reserve the right to refuse the sale of packages to any client who has not honored the intent of any previously purchased package. Only one of each (60 or 90 minute) massage package may be active at any time, you must use all massages in a package before buying another package.

Gift Certificates

  • Available in any denomination.

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